Saturday, 7 May 2016

WHAT'S HELLADIC our next topic sequence

What's Helladic?
 #helladic #mycenaean #Greekbronzeage

Heads UP the next sequence of  mid week / saturday posts will be discussing the #Helladic era!

Basically the #Helladic is the Bronze Age on Mainland Greece from about 3200 BCE to the Protogeometric.

What distinguishes the Helladic from the Neolithic and later eras?

The introduction of METAL  the potters wheel and in the Middle and especially the Late Helladic palaces hydroengineering and a warrior ethos.

Sundays will of course be Greek New Testament POST Day 
but watch next week onwards  for posts on Lake Copais the Minyans and the Mystery of GLA! 

I'm sorry this update is late but hassles this week and yesterday #Sydney was smouldering on #socialmedia about smog caused by hazard reduction burns.

I probably should have carried this laptop to the mall or library and used the free wifi but the smog was effecting me too much.