Tuesday, 31 July 2012

H and a short E sound

HE ἑ Ἑ ἓ Ἓ ἕ Ἕ

Some Words beginning with he 

ἑαυτοῦ of him or ἑαυτῆς herself reflexive pronoun

εἷς and ἕν masculine and neuter forms of the word for ONE heis hen

ἕκαστος – η - ον each

ἕκάτερος each of two both in plural

ἑκατόν One HUNDRED Hecato -

Ἑλλάς Hellas Greece see my previous post on this topic!

Ἕξ - Hex - SIX

ἑορτή festival or holiday

ἕπομαι follow

ἑπτά Hepta - SEVEN

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hera Queen of the Gods

Here's a few images of Hera!

I've picked ancient works so these should all be public domain to my knowledge?

Sunday, 22 July 2012


ἡ ἣ ἥ ἧ Ἡ Ἣ Ἥ Ἧ

Some Greek words starting with H and a long E 

In personal Names

Ἥβη Youth the goddess of Hebe the maiden cupbearer of the gods.

Ἥρα Hera the Queen of the Gods

Ἡρακλέης Ἡρακλῆς Heracles in Latin Hercules

Ἡσίοδος Hesiod the Poet

Ἥλιος The Titan God of the Sun

ἡ Feminine form of the definite article THE female

ἡγέομαι a verb I go before lead guide command

ἡδύς ἡδεῖα ἡδύ pleasure pleasant sweet

ἥκω I have come or reached I am here

ἡμεῖς pronoun We

ἡμέρα day

ἡμι – Prefix Half Hemi in English. Adjective ἥμισυς

ἥρωΐνη Heroine

ἡσυχία stillness quiet calm rest ἡ ἡ

Wednesday, 11 July 2012



One of the most common Classical Greek Verbs is


 I say tell ask talk


(Present is the Tense Indicative the Mode and Active the Voice)

λέγω λέγεις λέγει λέγομεν λέγετε λέγουσι(ν)

I say You say He or she says We say You plural say They say.

The final n is used if the the next word starts with a or at the end of a sentence.

You will also see a movable n after any third person verb form ending with a ε.

Note the endings or suffixes.

- ω - εις - ει - ομεν - ετε - ουσι(ν)

Let's look at these verbs arranged another way

SINGULAR First Second Third person

  I - ω                      λέγω
   You - εις               λέγεις
She or he or it - ει  λέγει

Plural First Second Third person

We - ομεν     λέγομεν
You - ετε   λέγετε
They - ουσι(ν)  λέγουσι(ν)

If you're a beginning student copy those suffixes and make a note for memorisation

- ω - εις - ει - ομεν - ετε - ουσι(ν)

Monday, 2 July 2012

AHA Hidden H's

AHA! Watching out for hidden H's.

Classical Greek did have a H sound ...well the last traces of one indicated by a ̔ over a vowel.

If a word has an initial HA sound you will see

Here's some words with an initial HA sound.

βρός Habros soft delicate pretty dainty luxurious

γιάζω to hallow consecrate make holy

ἅιδης Hades the place and the god of
αἷμα Haemo - Blood

αἱρέω to chose

ἅλς Salt the sea

the two sea goddess Thetis and Amphitrite are called sea-born


ἅμα an adverb hama At Once or a Preposition with Dative at the same time (together) with

μαρτάνω to miss fail go wrong err sin

ἅρμα chariot

ρπάζω ravish snatch seize take away carry off by force