Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Metousia Fans some upcoming blog changes need your feedback

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DEAR Metousia fans due to changes to Google Image Search Settings its going to be a lot more time and data consuming to find pictures to search with you so you have to let me know if
a) I should spilt this blog in two  ie one for greek language and bible study and start another one for topics
b) reduce posts to weekly schedule
c) focus on classical era only
d) focus on new testament greek only ?

Please send feedback !

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Greek Diphthongs

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αι Classical high aisle height Demotic e as in ten

αυ Classical how law house Demotic af or av

ει Classical fiancee fete they feign Demotic i

ευ Classical met moon new Demotic ef or ev

ηυ Classical ee + ou

οι Classical foil boy Demotic i

ου Classical moon Demotic u

υι Classical we why French oui lui

You are welcome to suggest or add other examples in the comments !

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Eros and Agape 2018

February the Fourteenth day is a day in which we hopefully combine eros and agape to find some true love?

Hopefully the boy god willn't treat you too badly today!

Recommended reading The Tale of Eros and Psyche form Apuleius' golden ass.
Although written in Latin it incorporates elements from older folktales from Greece and elsewhere.

Penguin Classics has a translation.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Bad Words and Blasphemy.

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The RSV translates Blasphemia in several places as slander rather than blasphemy in the modern sense of the word.

The parallel passages Matthew 15:19 and Mark 7:22 are two of those places.

So why Slander?

Blasphemy originally meant something more like "ILL SPEAKING"  to speak evil against someone, to slander , insult, to use words hurtfully, against other humans, not deities.

It translates a Hebrew / Aramaic word GUDAPHA.
(If any readers know Hebrew please comment my Hebrew Aramaic can best be described as sparse)

Blasphemia is a compound of BLAS +PHEMIA

The blas is NOT related to English Blast which is Germanic in origin or to the radical Blast- used in biology coming from a word meaning growth.

So in this passage Jesus is not just talking about blasphemy towards the divine but using insults and slander in general.

This doesn't mean you can't sometimes be sarcastic or snarky or you're sinning if you blurt out certain types of words  under extreme stress or provocation  but if your intent is to be willingly evil and hurt some one ...

This whole chapter speaks of how we need to be concerned with wilful error, and that following certain rituals and customs don't necessarily make you holy or righteous or pure if you sin in other ways.

Our mid week secular theme at the moment is Dogs in Classical Art.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Military Hounds

The painting on this vase probably depicts a regular inspection of hoplite armor and equipment rather than a departure for fighting.
It looks rather like some people's pet house dogs got out and followed them to the inspection as there are no visible leashes on the dogs. Plus the posture of one dog with body language that seems to say  gosh me and the boss have joined a bigger pack.
Another reason I say house dogs is that I wonder if these are female dogs and the light build suggests a dog kept for both hunting small game and guarding the house and playing with the kids hence the lack of leashes because this is a trained house pet?

Saturday, 3 February 2018

The Evil Eye

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The Evil Eye is a folk belief or rather superstition that some people can willingly or even UNWILLINGLY curse another person or thing simply by looking at it.
In #mark 7:22 however the words that are literally eye evil seem to be referring to malice and envy.
Jesus says that evil comes out of the heart of man, from within, that sin is an emotional reaction that rather than repressing we act out on, doing evil things.

It is not desire that is wrong or even lust but the action of fornication, porneia is an action not just a thought. The desires of the heart can be a source of sin.

However we also make ourselves suffer if we feel malice. Note Jesus uses a word translatable as wretched as well as evil, poneros in the Greek NT, a condition as well as an action.

Its a temptation all too easy to fell into, having evil thoughts about neighbors or relatives, especially if they are doing something you consider wrong.

Treat those thought like weeds. Sometimes the weed you cut can be used as compost, other times treat it as garbage, but weeds are sometimes herbs, bitter medicine, reminding us we are not perfect like those neighbours or others we may envy.

Next time Blasphemia.

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Corinthian Hound

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In the East Asian Lunar Calendar the Year of the Dog starts soon and this gave me an idea for a theme. I found several Attic ware depictions of dogs but also this lesser known Corinthian ware work showing a rather leonine mastiff or hound. The torso seems a little exaggerated but I think the artist was possibly trying to suggest that the dog was running. Its certainly an elegant and powerful example of what can be done with a limited color range.