Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Coins NOT Crowns

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In several countries with monarchs rulers are often shown on coins wearing crowns.
However Hellenistic monarchs are more likely to be shown wearing a stephanos or wreath or a hat !

Here are some examples:

Queen Arsinoe 1 wearing a diadem or a modified polos perhaps

A Macedonian monarch wearing a headband 

note the headbands or wreaths

finally the one image I found showing something like a crown

however the spikes on this probably represent the rays of the sun

Crowns as we know them developed later

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Soophron in Titus

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For one reason Paul left a bit overboard with using words derived from the #Soophron stem in his Letter to Titus. This however gives us examples all clustered together to study and also serves to remember us the words we see in Classical literature were part of a living language.

Titus 1:8 A church overseer must be hospitable, literally philoxenon , a friendhost, and philagathon, lovinggood, and SOOPHRONA, sober temperate or sensible, reinforced by egkratee.

Titus 2

Verse 1 Church Elders (male) must be amongst other virtues soophronas

Verse 4 Female elders should SOOPHRONIZOOSIN the young women, make them be sensible or have common sense or practical wisdom even, not I think just be modest, given its usage elswhere in this letter.

Verse 5 has soophronas again could be modest or sensible

Verse 6 soophronein the younger (single men / husbands ) likewise encourage to be sensible / moderate

Verse 12 instead of worldly desires or passions kosmikas epithumias people are to live soophronoos and dikaioos and euseboos, sensibly, justly and reverently.

One wonders just how silly or cheeky some of the Cretan church members were that Paul needed to stress this particular virtue?

However my major point is that since Paul uses soophronos about both sexes sensible is probably the best translation into current 21ST century English?

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Thoughts on Soophronein and a freebie

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First an Announcement you can download the file below and other experiments with greek typography from my DEVIANT ART GALLERY

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Okay back to the word study.

Soophronein / soophroneoo  is a fairly common verb used by the major and minor dramatists historians orators and philosophers in Classical and Hellenistic Greek literature and appears also in the Gospels and Epistles of the New Testament.

However NT translators use a variety of expressions to translate it into modern English.

think soberly think sensibly think / be modest 

however it actually literally means means to be safe minded soo + phron so why the modern translations.  The Greeks used this and related words to express also ideas about modesty as a virtue but the word(s) as much mean keeping yourself safe by being moderate and sensible avoiding excess.

Its moderation or commonsense expressed as sensible behaviour and thinking. 

Pauls usage of soophronein in Romans 2:3 is a good example of this as he contrasts thinking and thinkly safely / sensibly with hyperphronein.

He also uses it in his letters to Titus in chapter 2 and to Timothy 1 Tim 2:9 and 2:15.

Its wide usage I hope supports my belief NT scholars should read the Classics and vice versa!?

Saturday, 7 July 2018


This weeks theme is Soophronein ... look up Romans 12:3 and come be for the next post !

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Hera the Crowned Goddess


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One of the distinguishing features of Hera in many Classical Greek artworks is the "polos" crown.

It seems to have been some kind of cap or hat imitating images from Near Eastern art or possibly some kind of flat band or ring probably made of felt or leather since no metal versions survive?

However looking at this example on a coin perhaps they were metal and simply havn't survived because they were melted down?

Here's another example

Roman era copies of Greek works also suggest they were metal and perhaps the precursors of diadems?  

Yet actual human queens are not depicted wearing them ! 

A topic for the near future !

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Covenants and Communion

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What do you think of when you see the word covenant?

Mark 14:24 
and he said to them 
"this is the blood of me of the DIATHEEKEE which is being poured out for many"

 Mark 14:22-26 and parallel passages in Luke and Matthew about the Last Supper are part of the foundation and support for various teachings and practices for Holy Communion or Mass or whatever your church calls it?

Let use consider the word diatheekee usually translated as covenant.

It also means will or testament or a placing of property based on an arrangement between individuals.

The verbal root is diatitheemi.

Consider alternative translations
this is mine blood of inheritance
this is the blood mine for inheritance
this is the blood of me the property which is being poured out for the many

Summing all of that up as a covenant makes senses but it is also a promise to the disciples present of an inheritance to be shared by many?
And  perhaps given the preset Perfect Passive form a prophecy of a VERY NEAR future event
A phrase more exactly meaning a very soon to be event involving bloodshed is about to occur reads equally awkwardly in Greek or English.

I do wish there was some way to place more emphasis on DIATHEEKEE in English?

I hope I've shown you again why knowing even a little greek or using a commentary that refers to the greek text is important and useful?

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Romans 12 mostly

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ROMANS 12 and one comment on 13

While people are focusing on #romans13 I'ld to point out some #christian #virtues Paul mentions in the previous chapter


alla phronein eis to soophronein but think with/in safethinking


Verse 13 teen philoxenian diwkontes for friendguest + hospitality to strangers be pursuing

Strive for Hospitality towards Strangers

Verse 16 tois tapeinois suvapagomenoi with the lowly/ humble lower classes associate or even socialize with and politicians that means being with not just for a few minutes on a platform at some rahrah rally ?

and oh a word about #Romans13

that verbal participle translated as resist or oppose in the RSV in English is a form of #antitassomai

Paul isn't talking about demonstrations or protests he's probably (well in my view)  talking about people who were calling for the VIOLENT THROUGH ARMED REBELLION rejection of the Roman Empire.

Read up on the revolt that led to the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jewish Disapora ?

He's not saying you can't criticize or demand changes in government policy !

Please go and reread Romans 12 and 13 in English or Greek and "soophronein"