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#classicalgreek #greekgrammar #revision okay chapter 20 of matthew doesn't seem to have any ambiguities or unusual words open to multiple readings that regard special notes or discussion so I'm skipping most of it and doing a revision / reminder list.

biblical classical new testament

 Yes think about that difference a lot!

Aorist is NOT just Past! Likewise the rarer Perfect and Pluperfect!


Moods Tense Aspect Voice

Understand what each of those words mean in relation to Greek Grammar

The SUBJUNCTIVE is your Ally NOT your Enemy!
Yes its a pain learning the differences between Aorist and Present Subjunctive and Imperatives and Exhortations and Secondary clauses etc
but learn remember Grammar and Syntax are Tools!

CASE and Prepositions work together.

Just be happy you don't have to deal with the Ablative as well!

Learn how use of the Genitive or Accusative or Dative changes meaning.


Learn some Basic Linguistics.

Studying examples of Phonology and Morphology in other languages and historical changes and their laws and patterns will be it easier to get comfortable with IRREGULAR VERBS and other seeming oddities. TRULY !

Friday, 26 August 2016

Greek Mosaic with Lettering.

#greekmosaic #lettering #jordan #byzantine

note the words sabbatioo+arkhi sabbath archon and presbuteroo elder / priest

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


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The Paralympics start soon so a short note and some observations on loan words and compound words using the para prefix in English.

Some well known loans from Greek are parable parabola paradigm paragraph parallel and paralysis.

But English was an odd tendency to combine the para prefix with germanic stems so you get new words like parachute, paratrooper, and paraplanner.

The Oxford defines para as meaning besides beyond wrong irregular or ancillary.

However Liddell and Scott as predominantly meaning BESIDE but also meaning from beside or from alongside of a place or person with genitive but when dative is used meaning by the side of yet with accusative it can be a movement away beyond or even against and towards so the meaning and usage is far wider then it is in English.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

All Things Possible

#biblestudy #newtestamentgreek #dunatos

Matthew 19:26

so the disciples had just asked freaking out about how the young rich man had been told to go sell his possessions and give to the poor.

Who then can be saved?  They asked.

and Jesus looked at them begins the next verse
and I'm thinking a long hard stare because they're worried about their personal salvation rather than how they could practise the simple advice to be obey the commands and laws and help those worse off ...

Jesus then says

With Humans this impossible is
and with god all things are possible.

Note its salvation he's talking about not miracles but bear in mind

dunatos means powerful and strong as well as possible

and that statement if you think about it at length sends a shiver down the spine.

panta all dunatos possible
scary ???

Friday, 19 August 2016

Parchment / Paper with Greek lettering experiment

#gnwthiseauton #knowyourself #parchment #paper

So do you think this looks more like its was "written" on parchment or paper?

Yes I've been experimenting in Inkscape again this time with combining filters so I get an effect like sepia ink of parchment or paper.

I filled a rectangle with a texture and another that changed its edges to look rougher and then separately in another layer I combined a color edit with two other filters.

One drawback is though that I had to enter each separate letter individually to take full advantage of Inkscapes capacity to manipulate vector svg objects and add filters over it. Its slower and only useful for short quotes!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


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You can now get a #gnwthiseauton #sticker #designed by me from #redbubble

Know Yourself

Its Greek Letters raised above a mosaic texture background

Copyright Julie Vaux 2016 Gnwthiseauton
This differs slightly from the finished version which has a border and comes in several sizes. 

I will be putting some other Delphi Proverbs inspired designs up on #Patreon too.  

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More on What is God

I promised extra posts to make out for having to skip the midweek blog
so some #philosophy

The Epicureans were often condemned because their teachings were confused with those of other similar earlier schools like the Cyrenaics and the followers of Aristippos.

They taught that Pleasure Heedonee was a "GOOD" Agathos but they did not mean unbridled self indulgence!

If you have access to a copy of Diogenes Laertius read Book 2

DL 2:89 Diogenes describes the Epicurean doctrine as teaching that  pleasure was derived from a memory for expectation of good and that Phronesis Prudence or wisdom expressed as "common sense and Practical Action was a Good.

A philosopher called Theodoros taught that wisdom was good and JOY Khara the supreme GOOD 2.98

Epicuros himself DL 10.129 said pleasure was good but 131 also that it came from the absence of pain of the body and trouble in the soul

The Stoics 7.94 said good was virtue ARETE and should be the aim of a rational being and that the Good was that which 99 was expedient profitable useful or beautiful and more ...

So is the Good be it Beauty Virtue Pleasure or Wisdom a cause or a result of action or both?

Now I've covered both Theology and Philosophy today !

Difficult and easier

Difficult and Easier
some comments and observations about Matthew Chapter 19 Verses 23 - 24
but first my usual word for word rough translation

the and jesus said to the students of him
amen i say to you that
 (for is used in English as that best expresses meaning of greek syntax)
rich  difficultly difficult ... its an adverb in Greek and you just can't translate this in English! so duskoloos - oos adverb ending becomes difficult !
that for (the) rich difficult to come into the realm of the heavens

again and i say to you easier
 (eukopos in comparative form note the ooteron ending!)
is (for) camel through opening of a needle to pass through
than (for) rich to enter into the realm of god

a further note about duskolos and eukopos
if you have access to a lexicon look out these two words and then look up the stems and observe how the prefixes change the meanings of the stems

Many people want to be both RICH and Righteousness
but the two don't always go together

look back to the prior verses

You don't see Jesus saying condemn the poor for being lazy or sinners but help the wretched yet I see some preachers and ministers and politicians equate poverty alleged laziness and sin

I don't think Jesus would have approved of the so called Prosperity Gospel ???

Friday, 12 August 2016


#olympics #teachertips #olympicgames

TEACHERS are you stressing out trying to think of a new angle for using the #Olympic#Games in class? Here's some ideas!

Why NOT tell your class about the OTHER GAMES.

The Olympics were one of a set of 4 games and festivals that had Panhellenic status. The Others were the


Nemea a mountain valley near the main road between the Argolid and Corinth.

Teaching Angles
Why up in a (cooler) mountain valley
What else was significant about this site
Links to Heracles Myths and Legends
Why are Lions extinct on mainland Greece and Europe now


On the Saronic Gulf side of the Isthmus near a Temple to Poseidon

Teaching Angles
 Importance of Corinth in ancient times
Why Poseidon Who was Poseidon
What is an Isthmus


Games were also held at Delphi.

Teaching Angle.
Importance of Delphi to ALL of Greece
The Charioteer Statue especially with the Ben Hur remake coming out soon.
Are modern Stadiums similar to ancient ones
in which ways

As I had to skip a mid week post due to other projects i will try to do double posts this weekend to make up for that!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Paul on Love Your Neighbour

Yes this is related to last week's post!

#paul in #romans Romas Chpater 13 Verse 8 - 10 writes something that's a comment on last weeks passage Matthew 19: 16 - 22

These verses in Paul also suggest that someone was already compiling and recording Jesus' teachings into what would become the Gospels.

Now Paul writes

Verse 8
to nothing/one anything owe  if not the (in relations to) each other to love
he who for loving the other law fulfills (completely note that the Perfect form of verb pleroo used in greek!)
Verse 9 echoes verse 18 and 19 in Matthew's gospel
with the additional remark made by Paul that

and any other commandment 
are in this word anakephalaioutai

Anakephalaiow summarize sum up is literally "heads up" ana+kephalee

Each and Every of the 10 commandments Entolee or the whole of Mosaic Law Nomos are summarized as ... again a quote

You will love the person near / neighbour of you as yourself.

Verse 10
The Love to the nearby person evil not works
fulfilment therefore of law the LOVE!

Do no evil Love Your Neighbour is the fulfilment and summary of LAW.

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Sphinx Feedback

on Sphinxes and Other matters

Would you like to see an ebook? 
A PDF? A print book? 

People would you like it and find it useful if I collected these and other Sphinx images into an e-book / pdf you could read offline ?

Please let me and also if you would rather get the ebook from Lulu(more formats) or Patreon (as reasonably priced reward) 

I would also love feedback on whether you would like to see extended versions of some of my post series as pdfs or ebooks?

Thank you 

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The Evolution of the Greek Sphinx

The Evolution of the #Greek #Sphinx

A Final Chronological Look at Sphinxes in #GreekArt

Starting with an Egyptian Sphinx

Then the sort of #Sphinx  Phonecian traders might have been selling as luxury items

From the #Archaic period 

And Classical 

Finally a Early hellenistic mosaic floor from Etretria

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