Saturday, 14 May 2016

One Lost sheep

Matthew Chapter 18 Verses 10 - 14

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Verse 10

See (Aor.Imperative) not you kataphroneoo
so look down /disdain/ think less / despise are all possible translations
one of the small/ little ones / people these
so not just  children ?

I say to you that the angels of them in heavens
dia pantos alway / all by they are looking seeing the face of father mine in heavens.

Some scholars support a verse 11
came for the son of man  to seek and to save the lost / destroyed


What do you think ?
If ever it happened someone  100 sheep had and wandered off one out of them
would he not leave the 90 and 9 upon the mountains and going / traveling seek the wanderer?


and whenever it happened he to find it truly I say to you
that he rejoices about that one more than the 99 the/those not wandered off.


So not is will before/ in front / proceeding from ? the father of you the one in heavens that ( hina so conditional next) she / he would be destroyed / lost
(any) one of these little ones.

I rather think little ones here is a first century ad reference to not just  innocent children or silly sheep but to ...well an equivalent modern idiom would be the "little people" the masses etc

The disciples had begun to see themselves as special and chosen so Jesus uses first the presence of a child and then the story of the one lost sheep to remind them every individual is important not just special people.

Something to remember anything you are tempted to say

She / He is just another ... or describe someone as "sheeple" or

The Divine would rather save than condemn us.

We are the ones who wander off the way.