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Nine Muses Nine Poetesses

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I had to transliterate the greek due to STILL grrr being laptop "FREE"

tasde theogloossous helikoon ethrepse gunaikas

these refers to women see end of line divene tongues having Helikoon nutured

note the euphony !

humnais kai makedoon Pierias skopelos

by song and Macedon (from Pieria's crag)

a reference to the belief the Muses visited Helikoon Parnassus and Pieria and other mountains

praeeksillan moiroo anutees stoma theelun homeeron

Praxilla Moiro Anyte's mouth a feamel Homer

Lesbiadoon Sapphoo kosmon euplokamoon

Lesbian Sappho od the lovely / ornate braids

Eerinna Telesillan agaklea kai se Korinna

Erinna Telesilla renowned and you Korinna

thourin Atheenaiees aspida melpsamenav

for ? Athens a impetous shield singing

Nossida theelugloosson ide glukuakhea Murtin

Nossis women tongued know sweet sounding  Myrtis

pasas aenaoon ergatidas selidoon

all eternal workers of pages

ennea men mousas megas ouranos ennea d' autas

nine muses great heaven and nine women

gaia teken thnatois aphthiton euphrosunan.

Gaia bore for mortals imperishable cheer / delight .

It does sound better in Greek !!!

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Fashion IDOLS

Whats your view of speculations of how colorful #greeksculpture originally was?

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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Impersonal Tax!!!

#biblestudy #newtestamentgreek #gospel

Gospel of matthew Chapter 22 Verse 20 - 21

The pharisees had just asked Jesus a very formal question.

Is it permitted/allowed/possible to give tax to Caesar or not.

Its very formal grammar and rhetorical style  in Greek with the exesti impersonal verb used and the question ending in an or not tag.

exesti dounai keenson kaisari ee ou ?

There are no unusual words or syntax in his reply but I would like to draw your attention to the style.

Its plain language in Aramaic or Greek or Latin but powerful.

No impersonal forms just a good solid logical question.

Of who the image this and the inscription /letters (is) ?

Give therefore the things of Caesar to Caesar and the things of the god to the god.

Yes Jesus is saying PAY YOUR TAX!

Private donations and charity and tithing are good things.

But pay your taxes and support government activities that benefit people like roads bridges schools defence medical research and even arts and sports sometimes!

Tax avoidance is not a sign of genius.

By all means yes make sure your tax gets spent on useful things but avoiding it when you are already WEALTHY?

Do both private donations and public tax!

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Friday, 7 October 2016

The Running Girl

This is one of the earliest #ArchaicGreek #bronze #sculptures

Some scholars think it depicts a girl running in a race

it could just a girl running for the joy of motion or showing off a new dress.

Whatever its a delightful work!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


R. Le #Gallienne was a minor poet mostly forgotten but I happen to have an anthology that includes a few of his poems

I think you may enjoy the irony in this one?
The spacing and italics are as close as I can get to the typesetting in the book.
I have no idea why the typesetter put a space before questions marks!

#ballade #greekphilosophers #atoms

Ballade of Dead Thinkers

R. Le Gallienne

Where's Heraclitus and his Flux
Of Sense that never maketh stay ?
Or Thales, with whom water sucks
Into itself both Clod and Clay ?
Or he, who in an evil Day
Νόμος and φύσις first employ'd ;
And of the Sum of Things doth say,
They all are Atoms in the Void ?

Where's grave Parmenides ? Death plucks
His Beard : and by the Velian Bay
Sleeps Zeno ; Plato's pen their Crux
Of One and Many doth portray.
Empedocles too, well-away,
His taste for climbing, unalloy'd
By prudence, led him far astray ;
They all are Atoms in the Void.

Where's Socrates himself, who chucks
Up Physics, makes of Sophists hay,
Into Induction briskly tucks,
And Definitions frames always ?
The good Athenians him did slay,
His Dialectic them annoy'd ;
And his Disciples, where are they ?
They all are Atoms in the Void.


Prince, tho' with these old names and grey
Our peace of mind be half destroyed,
Take comfort ; say they what they may,
They all are Atoms in the Void.

Saturday, 1 October 2016


#read #greek language #classicalgreek #newtestamengreek #anagignwskw #anegnwte

IN Matthew 21:18 and 22:42 Jesus uses the words ... have you never read ...

As this verb is used for Classical Greek Prose as well lets discuss

Modern Greek also uses Diabazoo 
Anaginooskoo is the Koine form of this verb.
Note the structure ANA + the GNO stem 
Reading is knowing a pattern of letters.
Knowing is not just a  fixed state but a process!

Whether studying the Greek New Testament or Classical Greek literature we read to understand. Reading silently or aloud isn't just about how or what you read or recite but learning the text.

Reading Hebrew Aramaic or Greek in their first century AD forms was also more difficult. Punctation including letter and word spacing  was a radical new idea! At least Greek had vowels included within words probably another reason many Jewish people were bilingual!