Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Sites of Ancient Greece

George Gerster the noted aerial photographer has a book out from #Phaidon
#greece #archaeology #photography #aerialphotography #book

If you have read R.V. Schoder's Ancient Greece from the Air 1974 
This doesnt cover all the same sites but is a worthy successor!
It is though "coffeetable" size and perhaps you might want to encourage a school or library to buy a copy?

Saturday, 26 November 2016


An acquaintance is currently in Wagga attending a Greek Orthodox family baptism party for young Eliana. This name derived ultimately from #Elijah an Old Testament prophet.

So some observations linguistic cultural and NT related.

The original #Hebrew from is Eliyahu My God is Yah transliterated into English.
However Hellenistic Greek had no J/Y sound so Greek speaking Jews pronounced and wrote this as EELIA(S) and the long EE over the centuries changed to I or shortened to a E in many Romance languages so we have Ilyaa in Arabic and the name getting confused and fused with the similar modern forms of Helen(a) and Helenos.

Some scholars also claim St. Elias replaced Zeus and that is why monasteries and churches dedicated are up on mountains. However an equally simple explanation is that Elijah spent part of his life as a hermit and that the Christian sites started out as hermitages or shrines maintained by hermits.

Then again perhaps those monasteries and churches are on top on ancient altars to Zeus?

Getting back to Bible Study why are there over a dozen references in the NT which would also explain why this Old Testament Prophet is still revered by Muslims, Jews, and Christians, Greek Orthodox or others.

The Jews of the first century and later centuries  had a folk belief based in a prophecy in Malachi and legends that Elijah although having ascended alive to heaven returned for visits helping people and advising rabbis.

People were wondering and saying that possibly Jesus and John before him was Elijah returned and Jesus also asks his own disciples about this? Did they believe he or John was Elijah?

Then of course there is the drama of the Transfiguration a popular scene for paintings!

With the frequent mentions of Luke and Matthew of Elijah is it any wonder he became Elias and one of the best known OT prophets after Isaiah Jeremiah and Samuel?

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

A note on LAMBANO


Lambano is one of those #CLASSICALGREEK verbs whose variety of forms confuses some students. Yes it seems odd at first that a *LAB stem  with a SHORT vowel changes to LEEB however other verbs do this too!

If you have access to a copy check section 611 in Goodwins Greek Grammar.

Lambano is not the only Greek Verb that does this!

As for the stem changes B > Ph is quite logical if you remember Greek has aspirate P not and  NO V and an ingrained avoidance of triple consonant clusters so its Lambano becomes LEEpsomai leep-so-mai or lee-pso-mai.

Don't think of it as irregular but quite regular if you understand the patterns of Greek phonology.
Aspirated consonants NOT fricatives and consonants plus a S for future.

So Lambano Future leepsomai Aorist elabon Perfect eileepha

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Two Blind Men

#biblestudy #eleison#mercy #gospel #greeknewtestament

Matthew 20

2 Blind Men sitting by the roadside called out to Jeuss

"have mercy on us lord son of david"

The word used is eleeeson the origin of the Latin Eleison prayer

now the crowd told them to shut up oh a bit like Twitter
but the blind men cried out all the more
Eleeeson Heemas Kurie Uios David

So does Jesus tell them to shut up? Or report them to security?
Or tell them they're being rude? Or tell the crowd to shut up?
He takes the simplest ACTION option.
He ask
What (do) you wish I will do for you?

And they asked that their eyes be opened
Possibly they had cataracts or some kind of scarring from burns or an infection.


I however have no miraculous power of healing.

I can however ask you support low cost public health clinics and medical care
so that no one has to beg in public for help?

Friday, 18 November 2016

Fantastic Beasts The Griffin in Greek Art

#griffin #greekart #myth
With #Fantasticbeasts and where to find them premiering this week
let's take a look at a popular beast from Greek mythology
who also features in the #Potterverse

Whether its depicted in Persian Assyrian Greek or other art the Griffin's consistent features are having the body of a lion and an eagle like head but with large external ears and either a mane or frill down the neck or some kind of tuft on top of the head.

I have three examples for you to enjoy.

One of the earliest depictions on a Griffin is a famous #Minoan fresco from Knossos.

This was derived from art from Mesopotamia and Persian such as this seal.

Griffins are also depicted as being used for riding by gods though this may be a Maenad.

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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Pompeius on the Ruins of Mycenae

#Pompieus on the ruins of #Mycenae #Greek #epigram written 1st century BCE

This is my translation. The original can be found in the Greek Anthology.

Although I Mycenae have become poured dust on a grave

And lesser known more obscure than any other crag

Anyone looking at Troy a famous city over which walls I walked

And the Palace of Priam which I emptied entirely

You will know thenceforth how strong I was once

And if Age has abused me I am satisfied

By the witness of the Maionid (Homer)

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

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