Saturday, 30 April 2016


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Matthew Chapter 18 Verses 1-4

I know some bibles include 5 in the first paragraph of this chapter.

The word for word translation rough and ready !
Verse One
In that hour / time came forth / towards the students/ learners (its matheetai)
 to the Jesus saying

Who (ara is emphatic particle) most / greatests is in the Realm of the heavens?

Verse Two
and forthcalling a child he place/positioned/stood that child in middle in them

Verse Three
and said

Truly I say to you if not you turn around
 (yourself implied its an aorist passive subjunctive in greek )
and become as / like children
not / never (double negative in greek)
you will enter / come into the realm of the heavens!

Verse 4
Whoever therefore will humble himself as /so / like this child
this one is the greatest in the realm of the heavens

Will Humble is tapeinoosei tapeinow so to be humble and meek like a very small innocent child or perhaps a sensible child with good manners?

Maybe this child had be quietly edging his or her way closer and closer to Jesus and had been standing on the edge of the group quietly humbly waiting until Jesus called that child forward into the middle of the group?

Unlike the disciples he just wanted to listen or be near Jesus.

A good lesson when one spends too much time on hypothetical questions?

Don't just ask about the Divine BE with the Divine!

Though it is okay to ask hypotheticals if you get your priorities right!

Its Mothers Day in my country.

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