Saturday, 29 August 2015

Abundance is not always treasure

Abundance is not always  treasure
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Matthew 12 34-35

There are some very interesting Greek words in these two verses.

First my word for word


Offspring of vipers how are you able good things to say (while) evil being.

out for the overflow / surplus of the heart the mouth speaks.


the good man out of his good treasure / treasury / storehouse brings out good
and the evil man out of the evil treasury brings out evils.

Note first the use of a neuter genneemata not family or clan but offspring and of poisonous snakes!

Then there's perisseumata usually translated as abundance but this from of abundance implies over flow surplus excess even waste too much of something.

They're spewing!

A theesauros can be a storehouse or room or a chest anything you store something you think is valuable EVEN if it isn't!

Offerings arent always gold and silver and spices and silk but sometimes candles sashes old clothing an odd peice of brocade old furniture.

I think from the context Jesus was thinking of a treasury that's a mixture of junk and valuables only the owner thinks are treasures ... (something like my garage or library shelves!)

Finally remember he has just rebuked them for accusing him of black magic!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Known by its fruit

#Matthew 12:33

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"Either make the tree fine and the fruit of it excellent
or make the tree rotten and the fruit of it worthless
for by the fruit the tree is known."

Some language points

In #greek "Good" is KALON" which also translates as fine or excellent or beautiful.

Rotten and worthless are two possible readings of  Greek sapros.

Note the use of MAKE in an Imperative form.

Coming after a passage in which he rebuked the Pharisees for claiming his healing powers came from demons and asked who they got their powers from?

Its not just the tree and its fruit being good or bad. They can be made good or bad. Sapros is not just flawed imperfect fruit its fruit that is rotten infected diseased  or moldy.

However trees can be healed like people or churches or whole religions.

You can trim infected branches and perform other actions.

A recent example might be the actions of the #Duggar family.

Instead of removing the infected fruit they're trying to down play the sexual misconduct of their offspring and one has to wonder what flaws are in the rest of the family tree?

How do you heal trees or families?

Sound healthy food compost or manure and clean water.

Cut out infected parts and burn infected fruit or wood.

Fundamentalism is it a poison ?

Known by its fruit?

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Why the Bible is A Classic

Why the Bible is A Classic
and why a Classicist posts a Greek Testament Bible Study on weekends

Yes the Bible is a "Classic"
Yes I know its an anthology that evolved over many centuries however like it or not it is a foundational classic of Western Culture.

It, like many other classics, Homer, Aristotle, Sophocles, Ovid, Virgil, Dante, Shakespeare, has influenced philosophers poets painters theologians and politicians.

As a Classicist I love being able to read the Greek New Testament for several reasons:

Not all of them religious!

Insight into how Greek was used in writing and speech by people using it as a second language.

being able to spot when some one goes but the bible says and they're using a bad translation or misquoting both the original and their preferred translation

giving me verses to use for digital typography

The second reason is my main motivation for shifting towards weekend bible study posts. I have had the privilege of studying Greek and felt an obligation maybe even a calling to share that knowledge of Greek and Ancient History with others.

If you have been or become a follower you'll notice I keep interpretation to the minimal. Yes I could score more followers starting theological arguments but evidence comes first. It may not be exciting but making it easier for people to understand where and why translations differ is an ethical obligation.

Also Evidence comes first and in this case the evidence artifact and data is text!

As Paul says Panta Dokimazei Test everything

The verb he used could also be translated as assay test examine !

I hope my posts have provided some helpful insights but people please some feedback?!

Thank You

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Feedback requested on Metousia post topics please

I've noticed an increased number of readers for the sunday bible study but still no comments sooo

Feedback please !

Do you prefer notes and bible study on new testament greek to posts on classics ?

Would you prefer me to go back to a mixture of Classics mid week and nt greek on weekends ?

Would you like to go more articles on archaeology and art?

Would you prefer to see more posts on mythology ?

Did you want to see more study guides to learning Classical Greek ?

Would you prefer quotable Quote type posts translating remarks by famous philosophers ?

Who is your favorite Greek philosopher ?

IF you want more art posts do you want them to be about ancient greek ceramics sculpture or architecture or about the influence of greek myth on later art ?

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Matthew 12 1 - 14

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oh and maybe Jesus being sassy to those pharisees ... AGAIN

Really All 14 verses in this first section of Chapter 12 of Matthew  revolve around verse 12

So its possible on the Sabbath days to do good things!

Yeah I know most translations go for "lawful" but this is one verse where the greek meaning is wider.

Jesus is about to heal a man inside a synagogue on a Sabbath day when he makes this statement and points out if people might  "break" the Sabbath doing farm work and tending to stock  and if a man is more important than a sheep ...

The actual verb is eksestin which  Grammar and Lexicons call an impersonal form but consider the verb ek - out of / from + being.

Despite the "impersonal" form its not just a lawful action but something you do personally hence the verb being translated as lawful permitted allowed possible, an action within one's power.

Practical Action doing good comes before Law - Nomos and tradition.

Note also kaloos poiein to do well to do finely something both beautiful and good.

Healing not sitting in or running a cafe or other business and complaining about how you have to pay penalty rates.

Respect people especially health workers or anyone running essential services who has to work Sundays !

And if you think work people shouldn't work on Sundays bear in mind they may have such a low wage its the only way they can cover their living expenses and don't go shopping or out yourself unless you have to or have no other day off to do essential shopping for food!