Saturday, 7 May 2016

Scandals are traps!

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#matthew #chapter18 opens with the disciples once again debating about who was the greatest in the "realm of heaven". Given that in other passages Jesus reminds them about the greatest being the servant of all they may have be "fanboying" going on about "I am the greatest follower / fan of you and should be in charge!"

The verb skandalizoo gets translated several ways so a reminder about that?

Liddell and Scott states that a skandalathron was a trigger or prop for a trap
and gives the meaning of the verb as make to stumble give offence make difficulties .

The little shorter dictionary by Newman that comes with the Bible Societies edition of the Alland Greek New Testament emphasizes the verb as meaning cause to sin or give up faith so skandalizing was originally about causing problems and creating traps.

Jesus is telling the disciples NOT to add to peoples difficulties and then goes on in verses 6 - 9 to discuss temptations using the word skandala in Greek as a noun and verb.

Whether you translate the noun and verb as obstacle trap scandal or  temptation the point is NOT to create problems but solve them?

I dare to suggest that he might support the modern concept

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid 

and yes that includes me!

I hope these "plain English" explanations of Greek are helping you ?