Saturday, 27 February 2016


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Matthew 16:17 - 18 is further proof Jesus and some if not all of his disciples were bilingual in Greek and Aramaic or at least knew some Greek.

Now Simon Peter Bar Jonas had a first name that means He has heard in Hebrew and Aramaic but in the New Testament  he is also referred to as Peter / Petros and Cephas "rock". This could just be a translation of his Aramaic nickname but wait Jesus says

"and I to you say that you are ROCK and upon this rock I will build for me the assembly of people (for a religious or political purpose) and gates of underworld/death/ not they will overpower that (rock).

Note Matthew uses Petros not Cephas !

Some Koine experts think petra (feminine) meant big rock or rocky ledge.

Others think Peter was a short guy and there's a pun on peeble versus big rock but that pun only works if you know Greek!

So I'm thinking maybe both Jewish and Greek fishermen sailed on the Sea of Galilee and the reason he's Simon PETER is that he was known as "ROCK" to distinguish him from other Simons and ... oh no sh sound in Greek Greeks would have heard Shim'on or Shemayon as Simo(n) meaning flatfaced or snub nosed sometimes. Petro(s) the Rock was probably his preferred name. Maybe he just liked the sound of it?

Next week less linguistics and a bit more about the Son of man and other aspects of this section of Chapter 16.


Friday, 26 February 2016

More Greek Verbs! EIMI

Here's #EIMI  



Singular εἰμί εἶ ἐστί
 Dual ἐστόν ἐστόν 
 Plural ἐσμέν ἐστέ εἰσί


Singular ἦ(ν) ἦσθα ἦν 
 Dual ἦ(σ)τον ἦ(σ)την 
 Plural ἦμεν ἦ(σ)τε ἦσαν

I picked a larger screen and narrowed the page for people using smaller older mobiles or who might have several pages open at once on a bigger screen.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Archangelic Story

Every image has a story or hopefully inspires one?

Archangelic Sticker

Why did I use a modified and edited fractal to present an angelic being.

Well regardless if whether you're enjoying this image as an abstract or do believe in angels in my younger days and years I studied some esoteric lore and several times I came across statements by mystics and theologians that the humanoid depictions of angels was the human mind's creation and speculations that if there are angelic beings they live and move in higher dimensions than humans limited to 3 / 4.

I was also thinking of stories about angels surrounding the Throne and Glory of God and I had a fractal already with a royal violet purple lilac color gradient so purple for royalty and then I added more light at the top and bottom trying to suggest wings or a multidimensional being surrounding the Divine Source of Light and the Light shining through and yet also a part of the Angel?

So that's the story.  You are quite welcome to just enjoy it as a pattern of dark and light though!

Leavening and Attention

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Matthew 16 5-12

The disciples seem to have had a lot of catering problems.

Once again they have forgotten to bring any bread - ARTOUS with them.

ARTON could be "flat" bread unleavenend or leavened "White" bread.

Whichever it was once again they forgot to check!

Possibly they were talking amongst themselves while jesus was discussing the hypocrisy of the pharisees and Saducees as he rebukes them saying

Pay attention of the leaven / yeast ZUMA of th Pharisees and Saducees.

Still they continued arguing amongst themselves.

yes some translations say reason amongst themselves and some people translate
dialegomai as discuss  but if this wasn't a discussion they was talking aobut how they could justify and explain not remembering the shopping when they shouls have been listening to Jesus?

Note his next remark to them

"Why are you discussing this amongst yourselves men of little faith that bread you do not have? You do not understand or remember the five loaves of the 5000 and the many baskets left? Or the seven loaves of the 4000 and how many baskets (of a different kind) were left (over)?
How do you not understand that not about bread I speak to you?
 but you must be pay attention / be aware / heed of the leaven of the Pharisees and Saducees.

I have this image in my head of Jesus teaching about Pharisees and Saducees and maybe some teaching of theirs about the usage of unleavened and leavened bread and some one suddenly blurting out "the bread we forgot the bread!"

Perhaps the lesson here is not just about Bread and Yeast but


Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Valentines Day Message Think About AGAPE

NO Bible Study today just this reminder about the difference between Eros and Agape #stvalentinesday #agape #eros #love

You're welcome to download and share this !
Think about why the New Testament prefers agapoo over phileoo or eraoo or storgeoo as a verb. Is it because of the similar HVA HBB Aramaic Semitic stem?
Did they want a word that expressed love in general that was not more affection for family and friends only or a philosophical passionate friendship?

I think Agape / Agapoo win out over other Greek words because it includes love compassion friendship and charity.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Like Plutarch? A link to my MA Thesis!

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So I was looking to see whats been published lately on Plutarch and found my university has been digitizing old theses like mine!

Here's the link!

I discuss Platonic and other ancient theories about love and eros and marriage.

Be aware there are some small errors and letter dropouts.

Also be aware I may rewrite this into a "popular" version to complement a possible ebook pdf edition of the Amatorious for LULU! or a shorter condensed  version as an introduction?

Saturday, 6 February 2016


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The standard explanation of Matthew 16:1-4 is that the #signofjonah is a prophecy of the #resurrection. However there are other aspects of this passage that get overlooked.

note who #Jesus is talking to ... yipe the Pharisees and Sadduces again.

They asked for a sign for "out of heaven"

They are rebuked for being able to discern from a fiery red sky possible weather or make claims about it yet
"but the signs of the present time not you are able (to discern)

a generation evil and adulterous a sign seeks and a sign not will be given to it if not the sign of Jonah ...

Yes its a prophecy but also a rebuke.

I suspect certain preachers and teachers were fond of using or over using the story of Jonah as an example.

You might want to reread the story of Jonah and not just the bit with the whale, read thru to the ending with the tree ...was the sign being saved from the shipwreck or the shady tree or the salvation of Nineveh or God speaking to Jonah?

So don't demand signs or debate with God or obsess on miracles are other teachings in this passage?

Anyway read it and then Jonah and think about it.

Oh and the word translated as sign can also mean proof !

Greek Verbs The Basics

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before I afflict  you with the #optative and #subjunctive lets finish reviewing the basics for Classical Greek Verbs

One of the most common Classical Greek Verbs is

λέγω I say tell ask talk


(Present is the Tense Indicative the Mode and Active the Voice)

λέγω λέγεις λέγει λέγομεν λέγετε λέγουσι(ν)

I say You say He or she says We say You plural say They say.

The final n is used if the the next word starts with a or at the end of a sentence.

You will also see a movable n after any third person verb form ending with a ε.

Note the endings or suffixes.

- ω - εις - ει - ομεν - ετε - ουσι(ν)

Let's look at these verbs arranged another way

SINGULAR First Second Third person

I - ω λέγω
You - εις λέγεις
She or he or it - ει λέγει

Plural First Second Third person

We - ομεν λέγομεν
You - ετε λέγετε
They - ουσι(ν) λέγουσι(ν)

If you're a beginning student copy those suffixes and make a note for memorisation

- ω - εις - ει - ομεν - ετε - ουσι(ν)

and compare these endings to the basic key given in the prior post!

Monday, 1 February 2016

The Key to Greek Verbs MST

Before I inflict the optative onto you here is the key to learning Classical Greek Verbs!

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μαι σαι ται



For most verbs

Μ becomes ω or plural μεν or μεθα

S becomes ες or Vowel plus ς or ς to τ
so we have ετε or εται in plurals

T becomes ε or ον or plural ονται or ουσι(ν)