Saturday, 27 June 2015

The Land of Sodom and Love Wins

Oh the irony ...I have reached Matthew 11 verses 20 - 24 in which Jesus proclaims that certain pagan cities may fare better on the Day of Judgement and in which Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum  compared to Tyre, Sidon, and Sodom.

Many Old Testament prophets described up those cities as doomed places of perversion.

YET consider these words

" that if in Sodom had happened the works of power which happened in you it would still remain  today  but I say  to you that for land of Sodom more tolerable it shall be in the day of judgement than for you!"

The souls of the people of Sodom land of perversion and abuse and people who assaulted strangers instead of treating them as guests may yet receive better treatment than the occupants of good "Jewish" cities?

Many people are celebrating or wailing about a certain USA supreme court decision .

I am  not going to rehash the endless arguments for and against gay marriage.

Just remember we are all sinners whatever our sin and what the supreme virtue  is ...


With #lovewins being a trending social media topic let us remember there is more than one kind of love,

Charity or compassion, whichever translation of Agape you prefer, Philia, friendship, Storge, affection, and Eros, passion are all forms of love. 
Whichever kind of relationship you're in or partnership let desire become love.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Charleston Shooting

Given a recent event the #CharlestonShooting I wish to show respect for the victims and family by citing a passage from #Galatians ... yes the end of chapter 3 verses 26 and 28 ...please forgive my modernization of a few words and phrases

For we are all children of god through faith in Christ Jesus  ... 
Nor is there a Jew nor a Greek or Slave or Free nor Male or Female.

All of you are one in Christ Jesus.

Personally I feel we are all Children of God Christian or other

I also wish to remind people of #Matthew 5:9

Blessed (are) the PEACE MAKERS 

People please do not be tempted into debates or arguments with political or paranoid agendas about mental health racism gun control or flags.

Consider instead what actions we can take to MAKE PEACE as individuals and communities? Thank You.

Our normal slow progress through the #gospel of Matthew continues next week.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

More on Matthew 11:19

Some more notes and comments of Matthew 11:19
#greeknewtestament #biblestudy #textualvariants

I distractedly overlooked two aspects of this verse  last week.

ONE : Textual variants

There are  ancient texts (see the footnotes in the Aland Greek New Testament if possible)  in which like Luke 7:35 the  word teknwn children is used instead of ergon. This textual variance should not worry you. Both versions have the same meaning Wisdom is justified by actions and results.

TWO dikaiow appears as an aorist passive usually translated as justify.

Perhaps we  have give some attention to what this means?

The verb is an action of making right / just / righteousness
Wisdom is judged by her actions / children is another possible translation.
The Liddell and Scott Lexicon gives three meanings to this verb .
All of them are closely related so again don't worry about it too much!

If some one cites this as an example of the Bible or various translations  "contradicting" each other draw their attention to the meaning of the verse?

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Wisdom Justified

Matthew 11 16 - 19 #gospel #newtestament greek #biblestudy

to what and I will compare the generation this ?
a thing / event / activity like similar to children sitting in the agora = public places / central streets squares markets / business centre  of town or village
who are calling out to the others saying ( a folk song)

We piped to you and not you danced
we wailed and not you mourned

came John neither eating or drinking and they are saying he has a demon /
 he is possessed by a spirit
came the son of man eating and drinking and they are saying
behold a man eating and drinking wine with and to sinners  taxpayers a friend

and wisdom is justified from her deeds / actions

John was condemned for being an ascetic and Jesus for socialising with everyone
How to judge them ? By their actions?

Remember Jesus started this speech to asking Johns disciples to tell others about seeing healing.

Judge both the ascetic monk or the seemingly worldly by the results of their actions.

Charity is an expression of Wisdom?