Saturday, 12 April 2014

Moikhey males Matthew 5:27 - 30

Moikhey Males

Matthew 5:27 – 30

There are whole passages about evil seductresses in certain parts of the Old Testament and while the new Testament certainly condemns adultery and fornication and other sexual activities here Jesus firmly places the blame on men. Notice in this section after quoting the relevant commandment,
οὐ μοιχεύσεις” , it is the men who are rebuked not the women.

All πας who look at a woman desiring her are adulterers.

Nothing about women tempting men.

He also condemns divorce for causes other than adultery but gives as a reason that such a act can cause sin the original meaning of σκανδαλιζω.

Perhaps he was addressing men who divorced wives for barrenness or disability or loss of beauty or to marry younger wealthier women with more useful political or business connections.

There are men who do that to this day, “trading up” or “rewarding” themselves with trophy wives. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Lost treasures from ...where?

This first lost treasure is Hellenic or Hellenistic but wasn't discovered in Greece.

Some writers think it depicts a kitchen slave character from a Greek comedy and certainly it looks like a theatre mask or a decoration inspired by one since there are no eyeholes.

So where is this from?

Ai Khanoum in Afghanistan!

There's currently a wonderful show on at the Art Gallery of NSW of Lost Treasures from Afghanistan which I havnt seen yet due to having a broken arm.

Ai Khanoum is thought to have been Alexandria on the Oxus mentioned by the geographers.

Here's a map. Sadly the site was been damaged by fighting between the Russians and Afghans since it was studied by  French archaeologists but here's a map.

Finally a coin showing Eucratides. Thats probably a helmet even if it does like a lot like a flattened version of a pith hat although perhaps he just preferred hats to wreaths ?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pray for me but also help ?

People I have broken my right arm. While Medicare covers my costs I can't work for three weeks so please pray that my arm responds well to physio and if you have found metousia useful please could you either use the paypal tipjar or tell friends and family about my Easter design on

There should be another Metousia next week. You try typing one handed with Greek quotes. Its going to take me three or four times longer!

Here's my Easter design. If you know anyone needing stationery for making up gift baskets? Tell them about this please?

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