Saturday, 30 May 2015

Modernizing the Greek Lord's Prayer

Recently I saw a modernization of the #lordsprayer that I felt was flawed ... a bit TOO PC and not respectful of the #Greek text.

This following text #Copyright Julie Vaux is more a paraphrase than an exact translation but those who read Greek can see where I've expanded some phrases cos the greek word has several possible meanings.

I have also tried to create a version that's in line with most churches teachings and the new testament itself but with a 21st ethos?

I'm not replacing the KJV just suggesting a modern alternative that's hopefully poetic?

Please give feedback on the translation and if people like it I'll put it on prints on stationery on my Cafepress Shop.

(hey please dont rip off my copyright I have mid year health fund payments  due and if I do make a profit I can cover my other bills also and then donate to local charities )

This is a work in progress so share it only with people who read new testament or classical greek and can give feedback?

#copyright Julie Vaux 2015

A Modern Alternative to the Lord's Prayer Based on the Greek Text

Holy Spirit of Love and Wisdom (gender free!)

You who are beyond earthly perception (change earthly to mortal ?)

Yet move within our hearts minds and souls

Let your name be holy and revered

Let your realm abide in reality and eternity

Let your divine will be manifest throughout creation

Give to us today and tomorrow our needs for body mind and soul

that we may likewise give to others

and release and forgive us from our sins and errors

as we likewise do so to others

and test us not with temptation or trial

but rescue us from evil physical and spiritual !

I consulted the Matthew and Luke versions of the Prayer for this work

#Copyright Julie Vaux 2015

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