Sunday, 7 June 2015

Wisdom Justified

Matthew 11 16 - 19 #gospel #newtestament greek #biblestudy

to what and I will compare the generation this ?
a thing / event / activity like similar to children sitting in the agora = public places / central streets squares markets / business centre  of town or village
who are calling out to the others saying ( a folk song)

We piped to you and not you danced
we wailed and not you mourned

came John neither eating or drinking and they are saying he has a demon /
 he is possessed by a spirit
came the son of man eating and drinking and they are saying
behold a man eating and drinking wine with and to sinners  taxpayers a friend

and wisdom is justified from her deeds / actions

John was condemned for being an ascetic and Jesus for socialising with everyone
How to judge them ? By their actions?

Remember Jesus started this speech to asking Johns disciples to tell others about seeing healing.

Judge both the ascetic monk or the seemingly worldly by the results of their actions.

Charity is an expression of Wisdom?