Sunday, 24 May 2015

Jesus about John the Baptist 3

#Jesu about John the Baptist 3
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Matthew Chapter 11 verses 11 - 15

Now this section seems quite straightforward
Jesus is praising John and linking him to a prophecy about the return of Elijah.

There is a problem with one verb though and a phrase.
truly i say to you not has risen in those born of women more greater of genitive marks comparative John the baptist
the and least in the realm of the heavens more than him is
12 from and the days of john Baptist until now the realm of the heavens forces?
see my note below is forced and violent men ravage it.
13 all for the prophets and the law until  John prophesied
14 and if you  wish to receive this same person is Elijah the one future to come.
15 he who has ears let him hear

Why is biazetai a problem ? It seems plainly to be the middle form of biazoo and it could be that it is  just a reference to a persecution of John and his followers but here we see it being used  in the the same sentence as the words realm of the heavens ... this is of historical interest and seems to support the argument that Jesus and John had links to the Essenes ?

They too contrasted a divine just heavenly realm with secular ones and why Jesus usually seems to be talking about Heaven given that he's just finished talking about John and what happened to John ...?

Jesus is saying the the realm of heaven is currently being attacked not in the future but right now. Perhaps as well as what happened to John and the verbal attacks and criticism by various jewish factions Jesus and John's followers were also being harassed and hassled by various local secular authorities?

I don't normally give much time or regard to theories about secret messages or code so I don't think we should read too much into this but it does seem to be a significant reference to events happening during Jesus' ministry that only seems obscure to us because they were so long ago few details survive?