Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Iris and Hermes Together

#Iris #Hermes #greekceramics

I was going to blog about Maia but while searching for good illustrations found this on Wikipedia Commons. The photographer didnt mention what museum it came from but it's an interesting image.

This is the only depiction I have seen of Hermes and Iris together.

Iris or Hermes feature in various plays and poetry as messengers of the gods but never together like this. Now I've mentioned before my belief some scenes on ceramics vases depict scenes or performances from plays especially Athenian vases. Did some Athenian dramatist write a play in which Hermes and Iris appear together? A comedy perhaps or a tragedy based on some obscure myth not recorded in other literature? 

Share please if you know where this vase is on display or have more information about it or any other works, ceramics, mosaics, or sculpture, showing Hermes and Iris together.