Tuesday, 16 May 2017

EOS and Mnenon

#Eos #Dawngoddess #Mnenon  #atticvasepainting

Iris the Messenger is not the only Winged Goddess in Greek mythology. Her Cousin Eos the Dawn Goddess is often depicted with wings and is shown here holding the body of her mortal son by Tithonus, Mnenon. I wish we had more examples of early Greek Encaustic or Fresco paintings to compare to the colors used on ceramics. Did early paintings also use lines and outlines and dark backgrounds? Or not? The Vase painters had to limit their colors to mineral pigments that would not burn off in the final firing. While yellow and orange were available as ochres they seem to have chosen to focus on a contrast of black to red or a reddish brown. Were there no deposits of white clays in Attica?