Saturday, 13 August 2016

Difficult and easier

Difficult and Easier
some comments and observations about Matthew Chapter 19 Verses 23 - 24
but first my usual word for word rough translation

the and jesus said to the students of him
amen i say to you that
 (for is used in English as that best expresses meaning of greek syntax)
rich  difficultly difficult ... its an adverb in Greek and you just can't translate this in English! so duskoloos - oos adverb ending becomes difficult !
that for (the) rich difficult to come into the realm of the heavens

again and i say to you easier
 (eukopos in comparative form note the ooteron ending!)
is (for) camel through opening of a needle to pass through
than (for) rich to enter into the realm of god

a further note about duskolos and eukopos
if you have access to a lexicon look out these two words and then look up the stems and observe how the prefixes change the meanings of the stems

Many people want to be both RICH and Righteousness
but the two don't always go together

look back to the prior verses

You don't see Jesus saying condemn the poor for being lazy or sinners but help the wretched yet I see some preachers and ministers and politicians equate poverty alleged laziness and sin

I don't think Jesus would have approved of the so called Prosperity Gospel ???