Saturday, 13 August 2016

More on What is God

I promised extra posts to make out for having to skip the midweek blog
so some #philosophy

The Epicureans were often condemned because their teachings were confused with those of other similar earlier schools like the Cyrenaics and the followers of Aristippos.

They taught that Pleasure Heedonee was a "GOOD" Agathos but they did not mean unbridled self indulgence!

If you have access to a copy of Diogenes Laertius read Book 2

DL 2:89 Diogenes describes the Epicurean doctrine as teaching that  pleasure was derived from a memory for expectation of good and that Phronesis Prudence or wisdom expressed as "common sense and Practical Action was a Good.

A philosopher called Theodoros taught that wisdom was good and JOY Khara the supreme GOOD 2.98

Epicuros himself DL 10.129 said pleasure was good but 131 also that it came from the absence of pain of the body and trouble in the soul

The Stoics 7.94 said good was virtue ARETE and should be the aim of a rational being and that the Good was that which 99 was expedient profitable useful or beautiful and more ...

So is the Good be it Beauty Virtue Pleasure or Wisdom a cause or a result of action or both?

Now I've covered both Theology and Philosophy today !