Friday, 12 August 2016


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TEACHERS are you stressing out trying to think of a new angle for using the #Olympic#Games in class? Here's some ideas!

Why NOT tell your class about the OTHER GAMES.

The Olympics were one of a set of 4 games and festivals that had Panhellenic status. The Others were the


Nemea a mountain valley near the main road between the Argolid and Corinth.

Teaching Angles
Why up in a (cooler) mountain valley
What else was significant about this site
Links to Heracles Myths and Legends
Why are Lions extinct on mainland Greece and Europe now


On the Saronic Gulf side of the Isthmus near a Temple to Poseidon

Teaching Angles
 Importance of Corinth in ancient times
Why Poseidon Who was Poseidon
What is an Isthmus


Games were also held at Delphi.

Teaching Angle.
Importance of Delphi to ALL of Greece
The Charioteer Statue especially with the Ben Hur remake coming out soon.
Are modern Stadiums similar to ancient ones
in which ways

As I had to skip a mid week post due to other projects i will try to do double posts this weekend to make up for that!