Saturday, 2 July 2016

Beatitudes Revisited

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Since I've reached the end of a chapter time for some review and visit to #Matthew Chapter 5 - Beatitudes 5: 3 - 10

My literal translation from the greek will be followed by a few notes

Blessed the poor (in implied by dative) spirit
that of/for them is the realm of the heavens

Poor in spirit = the depressed? those not spiritually gifts ? Both?!

blessed those who are mourning / sorrowful
that they will be comforted / supported

by the holy spirit is how many read this verse due to the verb used being related to the greek noun ParaKlete holy spirit as advocate / supporter

blessed the gentle/humble /meek
that they will inherit the earth

NOT the weak but those who have praus

blessed those who hunger and thirst for righteousness
that they will be satisfied filled/ fed

blessed the merciful / compassionate
that they will receive mercy

blessed the pure in / of heart
that they the god will see

blessed the peacemakers
that they sons of god will be called

blessed those who are hunted for the sake / cause of righteousness/justice
that for them is the realm of the heavens

Note the contrast more obvious in Greek between Active and Passive

those who have or endure or practise certain conditions or virtues or both
are those who will receive or get a response and a blessing.

We had a federal election yesterday in australia and the votes are still being tallied.

Let us hope the winners are both politicians and ordinary people who may be feeling wretched or sad or humiliated right now but hopefully will be blessed for being seekers for justice and righteousness merciful and peacemakers?

Let us hope for blessings anyway!