Saturday, 16 July 2016

Let the children ...

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Matthew 19:14 is todays topic.

Rereading this verse in two or three translations I actually found the KJV to be closer to the Greek than the RSV. However be re-assured changing is to belongs does not vastly alter the meaning.

Here's the Greek transliterated

the and jesus said
let the children and not you plural hinder kooluete  them to come towards me
they for of such condition / nature / quality note the greek is  toioutoon
is the realm of the heavens. is + estin here!

KJV has Suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me
for of such is the kingdom of heaven
RSV Let the children come to me and do not hinder them
for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven

So why belongs in some English translations?

Toioutoon refers back to the children whose parents sought Jesus' blessings and prayers so the verb links the children to heaven.

This simple verse can be read as calling on us to seek blessings and to protect children or that children are innocents free of sin or simply Jesus scolding the disciples for being over protective.

For further insight I suggest you go and reread the beginning of Chapter 18 and compare that to 19:13-15.