Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A note on Lunate Sigma

The use of #Lunate #Sigma shaped like a C can be very puzzling even annoying for beginners in Greek especially as most English and American text books and others written in English usually have the "normal" sigma.

For those without access to images of examples of handwritten sigma in old manuscripts please compare Standard Modern Sigmas Σ σ ς to these# Coptic letters which are closer in form to hand written uncials Ϭ ϭ

That was Times New Roman Font 
Here are some examples from other Fonts

Σ σ ς Ϭ ϭ    Σ σ ς Ϭ ϭ     Σ σ ς Ϭ ϭ

Σ σ ς Ϭ ϭ     Σ σ ς Ϭ ϭ   Σ σ ς Ϭ ϭ

Σ σ ς Ϭ ϭ    Σ σ ς Ϭ ϭ         Σ σ ς Ϭ ϭ

Can you see how easy it would be for a scribe to reduce the letter to a Lunate C
a simpler curve when working on paper or parchment or even stone?