Saturday, 9 July 2016


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The Gospel of Matthew Chapter 19 Verses 1 - 9 discusses divorce.

I often see these verses used to advise advising women to stay in abusive situations or to argue against same sex marriage but however you read and use these verses please reconsider verse 8.

The key word in this section may be



Jesus's response to the Pharisees draws attention to male hypocrisy.

Moses for the hardheartedness of you permitted for you to release the women of you from beginning but not happened so ...

and note what he says in 9

whoever releases the women of him not for sexual immorality and marries another he is adulterous.

Men were divorcing women for barrenness or ill health or other reasons and claiming there was improper behaviour on the wife's part.

Yes some versions have extra phrases that ban remarriage but again notice the word hardheartedness?

Jesus describes it as a cause.

If a man is so hardhearted he physically or verbally or in other ways abuses or neglects his wife then surely this is also a valid cause for divorce?

Yes too fond the wife gets the blame and people presume adultery.

I think Jesus calls on us to think about this carefully

Note the final words of verse 12

he who is able to hold it let him hold it!

Khorew means make room accept practise hold contain .

Going bakc to the Pharisees original question

divorce for any cause kata pasan aitian

What causes adultery and divorce?

Consider hardheartedness as a cause?