Friday, 15 April 2016

Other Cities - ARGOS

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ARGOS is one of those Greek cities that have lasted for centuries.


Having two very convenient hills to center and strengthen your western defences helps!

First a map showing the general area of the #Argolid.  Notice the surrounding roads hills rivers and plains. A great location for trading with Laconia Arcadia and other polises. Two rivers. A nearby port at Tiryns. Mycenae guarding the north east pass to Corinth. A plain suitable for both crops and herds.

Now more detail.

Note that Larissa and the Aspis are both HILLS. 
BIG Hills with Forts and Citadels. 

The modern city center is further east since the invention of cannons and gunpowder overcame the advantages of two high hills joined by walls. 

Still great location. 
Water. Defences. Nearby Farmland. Trade by land and sea.
Successful cities share common resource factors. 

Next time we look at a polis where advance planning and a good location did NOT work yet could have!

Yes Megalopolis in Arcadia!