Saturday, 6 February 2016


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The standard explanation of Matthew 16:1-4 is that the #signofjonah is a prophecy of the #resurrection. However there are other aspects of this passage that get overlooked.

note who #Jesus is talking to ... yipe the Pharisees and Sadduces again.

They asked for a sign for "out of heaven"

They are rebuked for being able to discern from a fiery red sky possible weather or make claims about it yet
"but the signs of the present time not you are able (to discern)

a generation evil and adulterous a sign seeks and a sign not will be given to it if not the sign of Jonah ...

Yes its a prophecy but also a rebuke.

I suspect certain preachers and teachers were fond of using or over using the story of Jonah as an example.

You might want to reread the story of Jonah and not just the bit with the whale, read thru to the ending with the tree ...was the sign being saved from the shipwreck or the shady tree or the salvation of Nineveh or God speaking to Jonah?

So don't demand signs or debate with God or obsess on miracles are other teachings in this passage?

Anyway read it and then Jonah and think about it.

Oh and the word translated as sign can also mean proof !