Saturday, 20 February 2016

Leavening and Attention

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Matthew 16 5-12

The disciples seem to have had a lot of catering problems.

Once again they have forgotten to bring any bread - ARTOUS with them.

ARTON could be "flat" bread unleavenend or leavened "White" bread.

Whichever it was once again they forgot to check!

Possibly they were talking amongst themselves while jesus was discussing the hypocrisy of the pharisees and Saducees as he rebukes them saying

Pay attention of the leaven / yeast ZUMA of th Pharisees and Saducees.

Still they continued arguing amongst themselves.

yes some translations say reason amongst themselves and some people translate
dialegomai as discuss  but if this wasn't a discussion they was talking aobut how they could justify and explain not remembering the shopping when they shouls have been listening to Jesus?

Note his next remark to them

"Why are you discussing this amongst yourselves men of little faith that bread you do not have? You do not understand or remember the five loaves of the 5000 and the many baskets left? Or the seven loaves of the 4000 and how many baskets (of a different kind) were left (over)?
How do you not understand that not about bread I speak to you?
 but you must be pay attention / be aware / heed of the leaven of the Pharisees and Saducees.

I have this image in my head of Jesus teaching about Pharisees and Saducees and maybe some teaching of theirs about the usage of unleavened and leavened bread and some one suddenly blurting out "the bread we forgot the bread!"

Perhaps the lesson here is not just about Bread and Yeast but