Saturday, 6 February 2016

Greek Verbs The Basics

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before I afflict  you with the #optative and #subjunctive lets finish reviewing the basics for Classical Greek Verbs

One of the most common Classical Greek Verbs is

λέγω I say tell ask talk


(Present is the Tense Indicative the Mode and Active the Voice)

λέγω λέγεις λέγει λέγομεν λέγετε λέγουσι(ν)

I say You say He or she says We say You plural say They say.

The final n is used if the the next word starts with a or at the end of a sentence.

You will also see a movable n after any third person verb form ending with a ε.

Note the endings or suffixes.

- ω - εις - ει - ομεν - ετε - ουσι(ν)

Let's look at these verbs arranged another way

SINGULAR First Second Third person

I - ω λέγω
You - εις λέγεις
She or he or it - ει λέγει

Plural First Second Third person

We - ομεν λέγομεν
You - ετε λέγετε
They - ουσι(ν) λέγουσι(ν)

If you're a beginning student copy those suffixes and make a note for memorisation

- ω - εις - ει - ομεν - ετε - ουσι(ν)

and compare these endings to the basic key given in the prior post!