Saturday, 20 February 2016

Archangelic Story

Every image has a story or hopefully inspires one?

Archangelic Sticker

Why did I use a modified and edited fractal to present an angelic being.

Well regardless if whether you're enjoying this image as an abstract or do believe in angels in my younger days and years I studied some esoteric lore and several times I came across statements by mystics and theologians that the humanoid depictions of angels was the human mind's creation and speculations that if there are angelic beings they live and move in higher dimensions than humans limited to 3 / 4.

I was also thinking of stories about angels surrounding the Throne and Glory of God and I had a fractal already with a royal violet purple lilac color gradient so purple for royalty and then I added more light at the top and bottom trying to suggest wings or a multidimensional being surrounding the Divine Source of Light and the Light shining through and yet also a part of the Angel?

So that's the story.  You are quite welcome to just enjoy it as a pattern of dark and light though!