Thursday, 28 January 2016

So you thought Greek verbs were nasty ...

I frequently see people claim they can't or don't want to learn to read Greek becasue they can't manage the grammar and syntax and the declensions and the accidence and the cases and moods ....

In modern greek one can simply say

S'agapoo you I love.

In Japanese you have to say

Watakushi wa anata o aishimasu

In the House becomes talossa in FInnish ev de in Turkish and ni uchi in Japanese and in Greek en ton oikou ... not so bad?

I can write dunamai graphein in Greek is kaku koto ga dekimasu in Japanese

I have left the worst for last.


I was made to eat



Okay the causative passive is a rather extreme example.

Next time we may look at the Greek optative .

Really if you think Greek is difficult look at some Japanese verbs or Turkish !