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into the mouth ... out of the mouth

Into the mouth ... out of the month
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More on Matthew 15:1 - 20

Jesus's disciples had been criticized for NOT performing a handwashing ritual before meals.

As I stated previously a hygienic code developed over the centuries from the time of Moses that prevented disease had for many become a hollow ritual with ritual gestures making food sacred becoming more important than actual hygiene and human traditions more important than actual commandments.

Moving on from what I posted last week

Jesus preached

Matthew 15:10

Hear and understand
not that which goes into the stomach makes common /profane / defiles the man
but that which comes out /proceeds from the mouth that defiles the man.

Koinoo is a verb with multiple meanings generally translated as defile but it means make common or share and came to mean profane or defiles cos of the concept of scared as separate ?
While the man is the most accurate and exact translation for teaching purposes changing that to people in general might be acceptable given we speak Modern English and not New Testament Greek. Your choice though?

Further explanation was asked

Matthew 15: 16 >>>

Point edge and you not understanding is!?

This statement in English syntax ... my suggested translation would be
And the point you're not understanding is this?!

not you understand that all coming into the mouth into the stomach proceeds and into the latrine is ejected / expelled? something more graphic
Many translation omit mention of the latrine ... yes a toilet or drainage ditch is the word in greek ...

but that proceeding out of the mouth out of the heart comes and these things defile the person

for out of the heart comes thoughts evil, murders, perversions, whoring, theft, false witness blasphemy

these are the things that defile the man and not washing hands eating not defiles the man

Point being that the Pharisees were more concerned with human rituals than teaching people how to avoid sin? Or only teaching rituals to avoid sin and not reaching the heart of people.

What is unclean? Food Hands Sin Humans ?

The next section of this chapter deals with a different taboo ...

Do read and reread the whole chapter in English and Greek too if you are learning Greek!

My Greek lexicon is Lidell and Scott
MyNew Testament Greek is the United Bible Societies Aland 3rd edition