Saturday, 30 January 2016

Catering fail and win!

Catering fail and win!
Yes we have reached the feeding of the 5000

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Matthew 15: 32 - 39

This passage is a fairly straightforward description of a miracle.

It is however worth commenting on one verb


I am moved (to Compassion)

This verb only gets used about 12 times and half of those in matthew

literally his inner organs moved
he had an intense physical reaction of concern

In modern terms there's been a massive catering failure?

They're out in the wilderness a long hot dry walk from the nearest shops and apparently no local food vendors have shown up.

I suspect Matthew chose this particular verb to show just how upset Jesus was.
Given its emphasized he was talking to the disciples possibly somethings gone wrong due to human error?

Some people claim the miracle was Jesus inspiring people to share whatever food they did have with those who didn't but whatever the miracle was one of generosity or multiplication note the sequence and actions.

Jesus feels concern and does something about it.

Faith and compassion is expressed by actions joint actions by many.