Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Woman of Great faith ... who wasn't Christian

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Matthew 15: 21 - 28

Some rather lovely and unusual #participles plus #Jesus reminding us not to be bigots ...

So Jesus went to Lebanon to Tyre and Sidon and a woman described as a Canaanite approached him crying for help for her daughter and he said nothing at first.

Why? I think he was testing both the woman and his disciples.

Now the disciples asked him to send her away because she was crying.

Some people think apoluson the verb used here means they were asking him to "free" heal her daughter from her illness whatever it actually was demonic possession mental health issues some neurological disorder ?
but it could well equally mean the disciples were asking him to tell her to go away to free them from her demands?

Jesus then speaks

Not was I sent if not to the sheep lost of house Israel

Seems rather harsh but as always there's a lesson coming.

She came closer to him and knelt and asked him directly and literally to help her.

Lord Help (give) to me

His response

not is a fine thing to take bread from the children and to throw to the small dogs / pets ...

was she known to be indulge dogs  or is he indirectly praising her for being kind to "unclean" animals?

Whatever she stands her ground and points out that the dogs are willing to eat table scraps

was little dog a local insult for pagans ?

Jesus final answer

o woman great of you the faith  let it happen to you as you wish!

and healed was the daughter of her from that time

I think Jesus is teaching both the disciples and us a reminder charity is not only for those closest to us.

There are refugees asking for help and we are rejecting them because of their faith.

Now given the variety of cults and sects in that area the canaanite woman may have actually been some kind of monotheist or believed in one god even if she was not jewish by conversion or birth?

The disciples wanted her to go away.

Jesus rewards faith and trust.
He doesn't insist she follow him.
He helps her and her daughter.

Message over may I draw your attention to some interesting and beautiful word forms

note aorist passive apostaleen I was sent (with a message implied)
apoloolota a perfect passive participle
iathee passive form iaomai being used instead of iasis the action is emphasized