Sunday, 1 March 2015

yo and behold idou


#idou #ecce #behold #greeknewtestament
the next section of Matthew begins with a word that appears frequently in the New Testament .
Translated into Latin as ECCE IDOU and related forms like ide idete are actually VERBS even if they seem to be  used more like Adverbs!

IDOU is the Second Aorist Imperative Middle of horaoo - see but horaoo uses a stem of - (e) id from * wide cognate with Latin video.

When you see these forms used you are being called to not just see but to pay attention and learn and these secondary meanings have lead to this word being translated as

Look See Listen Behold LO

If you're  doing a full colloquial version you might even venture to use YO! or whatever the equivalent in local slang ?

Just dont go so far you in your efforts to make the Bible more modern you end up weakening the meaning.