Saturday, 7 March 2015

Serpents and Doves

One of those verses that probably  do have multiple levels of meaning so lets stick to the simplest one?

See! I send you (on a mission) as sheep in midst wolves!
Become therefore prudent as the snakes and pure as the doves.

I know some people think the reference to wise serpents refers to ancient cults but look at ehich words used ?
Phronimos not spiritual wisdom or occult knowledge but a word that translates into Latin as Prudent having common sense and practical wisdom.
Snakes hunt bird eggs and peristera which refers to pigeons and doves were kept for fertilizer eggs and meat. Doves originally nested in cliffs to get away from snakes.
The Doves are described as akeraios pure and innocent cos they are unmixed undiluted ...akeraios derives fron the root of the verb kerannumi.
Learn the virtues of both predators and prey ?