Saturday, 21 February 2015

Staying with the Worthy

#biblestudy #jesus #greeknewtestament

Matthew Chapter 10 11 - 15

and when into a city or village you enter search for who worthy is
and there stay until you depart
and when coming into the house make respectful greetings
and and if the house is worthy let your peace come upon it
and if it is not worthy your peace turn back / withdraw
and whoever not receives you nor hears the words of you go out of that house or city shaking the dust of the feet of you
truly  i say to you more tolerable it would be for earth of sodom and Gomorrah on day of judgement than that city

AXIOS usually means worthy deserving or valuable  but here it seems to be used as we might when saying a person is respected or respectable.

he's asking his disciples to show good manners ask if they can enter and offer their blessings and to leave if it turns out they are not welcome

the comparison to Sodom and Gomorrah seems very severe to us but remember the ancient tradition of guest rights in Greece and the Near East.

To mistreat a guest after you have accepted them into your house and they have offered their blessings was regarded as not just rude but almost blasphemous!

Bless who ever is hosting you as a visitor in response to their hospitality!