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Mission Statement

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At the beginning of Matthew Chapter 10 #Jesus give his students ... yes students matheetas ... is the actual Greek Word ... EXOUSIA power / authority to HEAL.

A list of the names of the 12 is given and then more of the "Mission statement"
he sent the 12 away ordering to them saying

Note eis by itself as a preposition as well as a prefix can also mean into or onto NOT just IN or AT  ... Position and Motion !

"On the road to the nations (gentiles pagans non jews) and the city of the Samaritans not go / enter but rather towards the lost sheep of  the house of Israel
and approaching you will announce
 (literally herald  keerussoo not preach that meaning came later)
saying NEAR the realm of heaven (is)
weak heal / attend to / serve, note use of therapeuoo again,
 dead arouse / rise up / wake  egeiroo,
lepers cleanse / purify,

 (note that with hansens and other skin infections and disorders cleaning the affection areas can reduce or limit the problem getting worse and for centuries before modern antibiotics were discovered lepers were masked and bandaged  not just to hide their disfigurements but also to to try to reduce further infection so not just spiritual healing? )

 again he states  (evil) spiritual powers / entities are to be cast out,

and why

 because (free) gifts DOOREA you did receive elabete   (so) gifts give DOTE !

or to use a modern phrase Pass it on!

Note again the emphasis on HEALING rather just than preaching!

Verse 9 - 10

Not acquire gold nor silver or copper (coins) in your belt

 the greek verb used is ktaomai get obtain acquire things

purses or coins were rolled into belts or attached to !
again eis can mean onto as well as into )

no bag for journey nor 2 tunics / under robes nor shoes / sandals nor staff



worthy for the worker of food / support (is)

So should modern ministers be paid for work for by donations ?

Note the use of ergatees laborer worker something like a hired hand or builders labourer  or factory hand not even a tradesman ?

There are probably people who would justify this to pay minimal wages to their workers forgetting jesus is addressing and TESTING his disciples?

Also trophee is not just food but what sustains life so maybe food and rent and clothing basic ways and means?  Health care? A few little luxuries?

That first ministry tour was rough!

He may have made them get an UNPAID internship but he didn't say future ministers and workers should never be paid just NOT ACQUIRE wealth.

However once again the most important thing he calls on them to do is


More on this next week ... its a long chapter

and on the topic on LABETE and  DOTE receiving and giving

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