Monday, 30 September 2013

Hedyle Fragment

Here's one of the few fragments of the works of the poetess HEDYLE

Hedyle the daughter of a poetess Moschine had a son who wrote poetry but little remains of their works

From her poem Scylla these lines survive describing Glaucus bearing gifts to Scylla's cave before her transformation into a monster.

from the Erythean rock,
or the children of halycon (birds) yet wingless,
to the nymph.....”

Ἐρυθραίης ἀπὸπέτρης,
ἢ τοὺς ἀλκυόνων παῖδας ἔτ̓ ἀπτερύγους,
τῇ νύμφῃ δύσπιστος ἀθύρματα. …..”