Saturday, 7 February 2015

Matthew 9:37 Workers Wanted

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Matthew 9:37 is often cited to support mission work but if we read it in context its as much a support of ministry in general.

Lets look at the proceeding verses 35 n 36

and Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues and heralding /announcing the message/ good news of the realm (of god) and healing all illnesses and weaknesses / disabilities

seeing the crows he had compassion for them that / as being harassed and helpless like sheep without a herder
then he said to to his  students / disciples  
from here I'm translating literally to show the original syntax!

the harvest great but the workers few
ask / pray therefore of the lord of the harvest hence to send out workers into his harvest

now note the beginning of chapter 10

what does he ask the disciples to do ?

cast out spirits  impure  heal  all disease and malakia again weakness chronic conditions disabilities ?

The mission is not just to convert and reap souls buy to work for the Lord perhaps not just to harvest souls but even maybe to reap the harvest to feed souls ?

We don't have to be missionaries or miracle workers !

We can be healers doctors nurses first aid volunteers paramedics therapists or teachers religious or secular

Two  language notes
 the word used for pray originally meant need or want!
malakia means soft or weak sometimes perverse and seems to refer to moral mental and physical conditions so in this passage I have suggested disability as a possible MODERN equivalent?

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