Sunday, 16 March 2014

Some notes on the Aorist Passive

Some notes on the Aorist passive


2) the theta is an Aspirated sound  t h not a fricatve which is why

3) the ending of a stem changes as well as the theta being added

so you get kh+ th

4) Because its aorist you will also get METATHESIS of a stem
such as BAL > BLEE

5) Why use passive?

Consider these statements.

The Greeks defeated the Persians by using strategy.

The Persians were defeated by the Greeks using strategy.

Passive allows word changes.

Very useful for rhetoric making use of sound effects to convey emotion and fact and poetry based on metre and syllable length.

Oh if you're planning to see the latest 300 movie please go and reread or read for the first time Aeschylus' description of the naval battle at Salamis or read Herodotus?