Saturday, 29 March 2014

Confusing Verses One

some people seem to be confusing and collating 2 separate verses to support their "JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY" interpretation of scriptures.

What Jesus actually said in John 3:16 is

"So (much)  for loved God the world that the son the one-begotten he gave,
that all each one ? who believe in him should not perish  but have / receive life eternal.

Monogenee gets translated as only but the actual meaning is broader.

Monos first one single person or item genee begotten born

Sole born son could also work as a translation?

Note that its jesus who is the only son.

He may have stated elsewhere he is the way  but never that he is the ONLY way?

Now John 14:1 Jesus says believe in the father and in me believe

He does say in 14:6 No one comes to the father IF NOT by me.

Not expect or unless but IF NOT BY ME

Be mindful here he is addressing his disciples.

These two verses seem to get collated and (fused) by a certain kind of Christian.

Now please go and read Romans 2:12 - 16.

Stop worrying about how many souls are being converted and be doers of the word.

The word ONLY is not a common word but rather a rare one in the New Testament!