Saturday, 22 March 2014

Matthew 5 verses 21 to 26 on Anger

My thoughts and observations on the #gospel and #whatjesussaid 
Matthew 5: 21 to 26 

#Jesus speaks about Anger.

“You have heard that it was said by the ancients, 'You will not kill' …

Note the aorist passive errethee! (see next post) 

Whoever kills will be liable to judgement.

But Jesus expands and links this to anger.

"But I say to you that all who are angry with their brother are liable etc"

Liable is perhaps too weak a word. The greek derives from a compound verb with a subtext of strong necessity of something that has to be done.

Note the use of the middle ὀργιζόμενος.
This is passionate anger not mere annoyment or irritation!

Jesus then compares a secular court to other types of judgement.

He also points out paying a fine or making a ritual offering is not enough.

He calls on people to make peace with those they are angry with regardless of whoever started the dispute. Anger is a sin and ritual is not the answer.

You have to pay the penalty be it a fine or a prison sentence or an apology but you have to pay so it is far better to make and keep peace with person you offended.

Perhaps because anger kills your own soul too?