Saturday, 19 November 2016

Two Blind Men

#biblestudy #eleison#mercy #gospel #greeknewtestament

Matthew 20

2 Blind Men sitting by the roadside called out to Jeuss

"have mercy on us lord son of david"

The word used is eleeeson the origin of the Latin Eleison prayer

now the crowd told them to shut up oh a bit like Twitter
but the blind men cried out all the more
Eleeeson Heemas Kurie Uios David

So does Jesus tell them to shut up? Or report them to security?
Or tell them they're being rude? Or tell the crowd to shut up?
He takes the simplest ACTION option.
He ask
What (do) you wish I will do for you?

And they asked that their eyes be opened
Possibly they had cataracts or some kind of scarring from burns or an infection.


I however have no miraculous power of healing.

I can however ask you support low cost public health clinics and medical care
so that no one has to beg in public for help?