Friday, 18 November 2016

Fantastic Beasts The Griffin in Greek Art

#griffin #greekart #myth
With #Fantasticbeasts and where to find them premiering this week
let's take a look at a popular beast from Greek mythology
who also features in the #Potterverse

Whether its depicted in Persian Assyrian Greek or other art the Griffin's consistent features are having the body of a lion and an eagle like head but with large external ears and either a mane or frill down the neck or some kind of tuft on top of the head.

I have three examples for you to enjoy.

One of the earliest depictions on a Griffin is a famous #Minoan fresco from Knossos.

This was derived from art from Mesopotamia and Persian such as this seal.

Griffins are also depicted as being used for riding by gods though this may be a Maenad.

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