Saturday, 1 October 2016


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IN Matthew 21:18 and 22:42 Jesus uses the words ... have you never read ...

As this verb is used for Classical Greek Prose as well lets discuss

Modern Greek also uses Diabazoo 
Anaginooskoo is the Koine form of this verb.
Note the structure ANA + the GNO stem 
Reading is knowing a pattern of letters.
Knowing is not just a  fixed state but a process!

Whether studying the Greek New Testament or Classical Greek literature we read to understand. Reading silently or aloud isn't just about how or what you read or recite but learning the text.

Reading Hebrew Aramaic or Greek in their first century AD forms was also more difficult. Punctation including letter and word spacing  was a radical new idea! At least Greek had vowels included within words probably another reason many Jewish people were bilingual!