Saturday, 8 October 2016

Impersonal Tax!!!

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Gospel of matthew Chapter 22 Verse 20 - 21

The pharisees had just asked Jesus a very formal question.

Is it permitted/allowed/possible to give tax to Caesar or not.

Its very formal grammar and rhetorical style  in Greek with the exesti impersonal verb used and the question ending in an or not tag.

exesti dounai keenson kaisari ee ou ?

There are no unusual words or syntax in his reply but I would like to draw your attention to the style.

Its plain language in Aramaic or Greek or Latin but powerful.

No impersonal forms just a good solid logical question.

Of who the image this and the inscription /letters (is) ?

Give therefore the things of Caesar to Caesar and the things of the god to the god.

Yes Jesus is saying PAY YOUR TAX!

Private donations and charity and tithing are good things.

But pay your taxes and support government activities that benefit people like roads bridges schools defence medical research and even arts and sports sometimes!

Tax avoidance is not a sign of genius.

By all means yes make sure your tax gets spent on useful things but avoiding it when you are already WEALTHY?

Do both private donations and public tax!

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