Sunday, 30 October 2016

Nine Muses Nine Poetesses

#Antipater famous list of Nine #Greek #Women #Poets


I had to transliterate the greek due to STILL grrr being laptop "FREE"

tasde theogloossous helikoon ethrepse gunaikas

these refers to women see end of line divene tongues having Helikoon nutured

note the euphony !

humnais kai makedoon Pierias skopelos

by song and Macedon (from Pieria's crag)

a reference to the belief the Muses visited Helikoon Parnassus and Pieria and other mountains

praeeksillan moiroo anutees stoma theelun homeeron

Praxilla Moiro Anyte's mouth a feamel Homer

Lesbiadoon Sapphoo kosmon euplokamoon

Lesbian Sappho od the lovely / ornate braids

Eerinna Telesillan agaklea kai se Korinna

Erinna Telesilla renowned and you Korinna

thourin Atheenaiees aspida melpsamenav

for ? Athens a impetous shield singing

Nossida theelugloosson ide glukuakhea Murtin

Nossis women tongued know sweet sounding  Myrtis

pasas aenaoon ergatidas selidoon

all eternal workers of pages

ennea men mousas megas ouranos ennea d' autas

nine muses great heaven and nine women

gaia teken thnatois aphthiton euphrosunan.

Gaia bore for mortals imperishable cheer / delight .

It does sound better in Greek !!!

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