Saturday, 29 August 2015

Abundance is not always treasure

Abundance is not always  treasure
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Matthew 12 34-35

There are some very interesting Greek words in these two verses.

First my word for word


Offspring of vipers how are you able good things to say (while) evil being.

out for the overflow / surplus of the heart the mouth speaks.


the good man out of his good treasure / treasury / storehouse brings out good
and the evil man out of the evil treasury brings out evils.

Note first the use of a neuter genneemata not family or clan but offspring and of poisonous snakes!

Then there's perisseumata usually translated as abundance but this from of abundance implies over flow surplus excess even waste too much of something.

They're spewing!

A theesauros can be a storehouse or room or a chest anything you store something you think is valuable EVEN if it isn't!

Offerings arent always gold and silver and spices and silk but sometimes candles sashes old clothing an odd peice of brocade old furniture.

I think from the context Jesus was thinking of a treasury that's a mixture of junk and valuables only the owner thinks are treasures ... (something like my garage or library shelves!)

Finally remember he has just rebuked them for accusing him of black magic!