Saturday, 15 August 2015

Why the Bible is A Classic

Why the Bible is A Classic
and why a Classicist posts a Greek Testament Bible Study on weekends

Yes the Bible is a "Classic"
Yes I know its an anthology that evolved over many centuries however like it or not it is a foundational classic of Western Culture.

It, like many other classics, Homer, Aristotle, Sophocles, Ovid, Virgil, Dante, Shakespeare, has influenced philosophers poets painters theologians and politicians.

As a Classicist I love being able to read the Greek New Testament for several reasons:

Not all of them religious!

Insight into how Greek was used in writing and speech by people using it as a second language.

being able to spot when some one goes but the bible says and they're using a bad translation or misquoting both the original and their preferred translation

giving me verses to use for digital typography

The second reason is my main motivation for shifting towards weekend bible study posts. I have had the privilege of studying Greek and felt an obligation maybe even a calling to share that knowledge of Greek and Ancient History with others.

If you have been or become a follower you'll notice I keep interpretation to the minimal. Yes I could score more followers starting theological arguments but evidence comes first. It may not be exciting but making it easier for people to understand where and why translations differ is an ethical obligation.

Also Evidence comes first and in this case the evidence artifact and data is text!

As Paul says Panta Dokimazei Test everything

The verb he used could also be translated as assay test examine !

I hope my posts have provided some helpful insights but people please some feedback?!

Thank You